Welcome to Moonstone – my tiny piece of the internet multiverse.  I have to apologize for being a writer-in-absence over the past few weeks.  I have working diligently reformatting the manuscript of Zero Time and preparing it for publication in all possible ebook formats.  This is now done, and my novel is available for any type of reader.  To order a copy, visit the Smashwords website.

A short time ago, I went on a shark dive while visiting the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, and for this week’s post, I’ve combined photographs from that dive with a poem I wrote retelling the experience.  On the “short stories” page, I have uploaded “A Paper Koan,” a story that I just finally honed down to a polished copy.  “The Toy” was inspired by my reflections on the events and characters of Zero Time.  I hope you enjoy.

Zero Time is available in novel and Kindle formats from,, and  Alternate ebook formats are available at  If you prefer to deal with humans, Zero Time and also be ordered from your local bookstore.

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Don’t forget to visit my writer’s page on Facebook, then view the “Kenneth D. Reimer” Channel on YouTube to enjoy the growing collection of travel videos.  If these first two media platforms pique your interest, you can also find me on Google+.

Literature is the passion that has shaped my life, and I can trace its genesis to a single day in my youth when my older brother, Roland, gave me a copy of The Fellowship of the Ring.  Robert E. Howard and H.P. Lovecraft soon joined the ranks of Tolkien, and I found myself on a path of literary exploration that has yet to reach its culmination.

The Lamb White Days is my first published novel. My second major work, Zero Time, is a time-travel story in which wanderers from the near and distant future travel back to our present day. It will soon be followed by a horror novel titled Ashes. This tale explores the lives of an underground society where a modern-day werewolf and vampires seek their prey in the moonlit streets of Canmore, Alberta.  I’m also working on a collection of short stories.

Troy 3 the front gate small

This is the main gate of Ilium.

The Mask of Agamemnon Small

The “Mask of Agamemnon.”