Welcome to my Little Corner of the Internet

If you look around this site, you’ll find a collection of my recent and archived works, as well as a few links to some other websites. Hang out, check some pages, and see if there’s anything you like. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think of what you find or what you might like to see.


The picture I’ve chosen for this page was taken at Everest Base Camp after a gruelling eight day trek from the town of Lukla. I took the banner picture of Everest on the trail leading to Base Camp.

What I’m Working on Now:

Well, I’ve just finished the rough copy of A Waning Moon. It’s a novella now, so no quotation marks. It tops out at seventy pages, with a total of 27, 500 words. I’m pretty happy with it; although, getting a novella published is a challenge. The alternative is so present it as two separate short stories. Each works as an independent narrative, so I could try this approach, but it would be a shame to separate them as compliment each other as a single narrative. (Just for interest sake, I’ve presented one story, “The Wolf of Lunan Sa,” on my short story page.)

What I’m Working on Now:

I’ve got three projects on the go right now.

Most of my time is taken with a short story called “A Waning Moon,” and I’ve written a post about this on my short story page.

Second is a collection of poetry that I’m putting together. It’s interesting, and a little humbling, to go through a lifetime of poems and decide what needs to discarded, what is worth keeping but shouldn’t be shared, and what is good enough to publish. When I’ve done this, I’ll put together an table of contents with some samples of the poems.

Lastly, and the least enjoyable, is the on-going search for an agent or publisher. Blah. It’s the worst aspect of writing, but when you’ve spend months on a story, you owe yourself the time to find someone who’s will to take it on.

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